A wonderful new game I bought…

Posted On June 20, 2009

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Hey! I just bought this wonderful new game and it’s called Animal Crossing City Folk!! It is a really fun game and I really think kids through teens should buy it. Even my mom said she would love that game!! (she is possibly kidding lol) Anyways, this game has such good graphics,it has a lot of stuff for you to do,you can go to the theater and the department store,get your hair done, and much more!! I really love this game. I also have this game for the ds too. The wii animal crossing is better than the ds kind. Sorry I haven’t been posting info about the DS-I. I have been making youtube videos. If you want some of the youtube videos I posted then write me a comment asking for one of them. I am a begginer at making youtube videos so they might not be that good but there kinda good. 🙂Animal-Crossing-City-Folk-US


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