Posted On November 24, 2010

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Hi!! It’s finally almost thanksgiving and I am so happy! what about you? Today we are going to start cooking and also tomorrow. My mom is making this delicious chocolate dessert and it is so good! my grandma and grandpa are also eating thanksgiving dinner with us!

about the i-phone 4, 😦 i am going to have to get it in MARCH 2011!!! It’s because we signed a contract last christmas on my old lg phone that dropped in the pool and it was a 1 or 2 year contract so i would have to wait till’ December PLUS 3 more months after that! 😥 sad isn’t it. So right now i have a pink flip phone-song ericson, it was my aunts old phone. it’s pretty cool, but i would rather want the i-phone 4.

I can’t wait till’ black friday because i am going to black friday, and i am going to claires and bath and body works and some other places…… 🙂 Are you guys going? Well, that’s i have to say today! I will probably not write on here tomorrow because of thansgiving and friday because of black friday but i don’t know yet! ok, have a great thansgiving holiday! Byeee! :)))