Posted On January 9, 2011

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Hey everyone! I haven’t been on for a long time, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! it’s 2011 yay! lol. So, i made a new youtube account only for song lyrics, and I wanted you guys to check it out. its called xoashleyxoish and so i hope u watch them and enjoy them. they might be kinda blury, but i am still trying to find out why its blury like that. if you guys have any idea, then please comment or message me on my youtube account, or comment me on my blog right here.

So i made a new blog called http://www.princess4fashion.wordpress.com and it’s all about fashion! so i hope that i can accomplish that blog instead of totally ignoring it like i did for game0mania. well i am going to post a post on http://www.princess4fashion.wordpress.com right now and i will begin fashion tips and makeup tips tomorrow! thanks ❤


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