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Posted On March 30, 2011

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Hey everyone ! I doubt anyone is reading this because I haven’t been on for so long ! I am very sorry . The last time I checked my views was about last year , and I had 14,000 something , and I still have 14,000 something , so that means my views haven’t been going up as much as it had when I was posting a lot of stuff .

  Well , I am going to try again , and start posting atleast one thing a week , but I will try to do more , every week , and I promise . Btw , I got my iPhone 4 ! Yaay ! It’s awesome btw , I totally recommend it !

   I have a youtube account , and I wanted you guys to check it out ! It’s mostly lyrics to songs , and some “how to’s” so I hope you guys can check them out for me  please . My name on it is lovepinkforeverful . You can just search up lovepinkforeverful on the search box , and you’ll find my videos . I don’t have a lot of views because I just started this acocunt . So , thanks again , and I will try to keep posting more and more posts ! Because I would like reach at about 100,000 hits ! (I think that;s impossible) , but why not try ? Hehe . But we have to accomplish that by telling everyone about this blog . You’re friends , family , classmates , etc . Thanks ! Have an awesome day ! =)


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