My Favoriter Flower . . . . .

Posted On April 28, 2011

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Hilo everyone . My favorite flower is called a dandeelion ! I love dandeelions because they are so cool . I mean , look at them , they are awesome . t-t-t-totallyyy duudee . lol . I will post a picture of it on the bottom of this post , so you guys can see it , just incase if none of you guys have ever seen a dandeelion ever before in you whole lifetime . I have never seen a dandeelion in a very long time , but  I hope to see one soon . dandeelions are very awesome . I remember when i was a little little girl , that i used to blow all of the dandeelions in my way ! i would make a wish , and blowwww , and my wish would not come true . I would usually wish to not be allergic to cats anymore , but that never came true ofcourse . so next time i see one , i will wish again to not be allergic to cutiee pie cattiess. they are just so cute and playful and just so cute . i remember when i used to play with my cat when i was a little girl . good times , good times . have a wonderful day , and please continue to search and read my blog , and please tell everyone you know about this blog because it is cool ! right ?! so byebye . =)


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