Posted On August 31, 2012

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Hi guys! I doubt that anyone is reading this because I have not been writing on here at all! This is like my online journal. ;D So now, I am much older since my last post! I’m in 8th grade now! I went down to see my hits on my blog, and surprisingly I went up about 1000 hits, and I haven’t even been on! So that’s cool. 

     I started school last week. I can’t believe that I actually wanted school to start during the summer. During the summer, I guess I was getting so bored that I was wishing for homework! i know, weird right? Now that school is here, and I have more homework than EVER, I wish I was back to summer. Has that happened to you? 

     My summer was I guess, fine. I didn’t go on any vacation, surprisingly. I stayed home, went out, but no where out of town. I have a reason for that, but it’s kind of personal! 

     I am hoping to start writing on here again every night before I go to bed! I really miss doing this! So I hope that you guys have a WONDERFUL day, and don’t forget to tell your family, friends, EVERYONE, about this little blog I have! 😀 THANKS EVERYONE! 


love you guys! ❤