My favorite game system….

My favorite game system is the wii and the nintendo ds. I like the wii because it has a bunch of games and a lot of channels (votes,weather,wii shop,photo channel,mii channel,and more). My favorite game on the wii is Mario Kart Wii. Mario Kart Wii comes with a wheel and the game card ofcourse. You can do ghost races,battles,shine runners,balloon battle,and ofcourse races.

The nintendo ds is really cool also. It is touch screen and you can pictochat(chat) with your friends next to you. Since I like Mario Kart on the wii there is Mario Kart ds also. It is the same but Mario Kart wii is better. I got the new metalic rose ds. But now,since the nintendo ds-I came out I want that. It has a camera and more. Mario Kart is not my favorite game on the ds, Animal Crossing Wild World is the best ds game I have ever had!! That game is really fun. It has all types of contest and more.

This is a Wii and a Metalic Rose DS ūüôā :



Metalic Rose DS





My favorite animal…

My favorite animal is a dog. I love dogs because they are cute, friendly, and man’s best friend. I had a dog named Lucky. He was a golden retreiver and really¬†cute and friendly. He got really big and we played in the yard together, I miss him a lot! He was my best friend and he passed away a few years ago… By the way, I just want to tell you that my name is¬†Ash and Iam¬†¬†9 years old. After that¬†my¬†mom got me¬†a cat and I named¬†him Prince. He¬†always used to hide¬†behind the couch and¬†I would always want to get him out of there but for some reason he would still go behind the couch! I first thought he didn’t like me but it was just because ¬†he always puts his toy mouse behind there and thinks it’s a real mouse.¬†5 years later, we gave him to my¬†half sister¬† because I found out I was allergic to cats!!! ūüė¶ A few months later (while still living with my half sister) Prince took off with a female cat! :0
I love animals a lot (especially dogs) and I am sad that I am allergic to cats.

Here are some dogs that I like: