My favorite animal…

My favorite animal is a dog. I love dogs because they are cute, friendly, and man’s best friend. I had a dog named Lucky. He was a golden retreiver and really cute and friendly. He got really big and we played in the yard together, I miss him a lot! He was my best friend and he passed away a few years ago… By the way, I just want to tell you that my name is Ash and Iam  9 years old. After that my mom got me a cat and I named him Prince. He always used to hide behind the couch and I would always want to get him out of there but for some reason he would still go behind the couch! I first thought he didn’t like me but it was just because  he always puts his toy mouse behind there and thinks it’s a real mouse. 5 years later, we gave him to my half sister  because I found out I was allergic to cats!!! 😦 A few months later (while still living with my half sister) Prince took off with a female cat! :0
I love animals a lot (especially dogs) and I am sad that I am allergic to cats.

Here are some dogs that I like: